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The Arete Coach is a unique coaching blueprint that will help you reach your full potential and give you the knowledge, skills, tools, support network and full confidence to help others do the same.
Graduates will be in position to gain a double accreditation with both the Arete Coaching Federation and the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which will provide the credibility and confidence to coach at every level from the individual to global corporations.
This is a robust top level qualification that is designed for every entry-level. It does not require previous experience or academic history. So yes you can do it and you are enough, no matter what your background. Whether you left school at 16 like Andy, or have not studied for years, we have you covered and offer ‘study skills’ support coaching for anyone who would like to learn.
What we are looking for is commitment, energy, positivity, a willingness to learn and a deep belief that people can improve their lives through their actions. That’s it.
Age is not a barrier, in fact, we would argue life experience is beneficial.

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