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Worlds Most Exclusive Mind & Body Gym


The Arete Mind&Body Gym is the WORLD’S most Exclusive Mind&Body Gym.
There is only one way into the Mind&Body Gym and that’s to have trained on the AreteWay Adventure. Against all the advice of the marketers it is important to me that the MBG is exclusive to those who have a shared story and understanding of the core principles that lead a life well lived. 

The Arete-MBG is really a continuation of your self-development adventure that is specifically designed to help you reach your goals, master your habits, boost your confidence, unlock more purpose, create new and powerful connections with an amazing group of like-minded Arete adventurers and ultimately – reach your full potential. 

You can think of the MBG as your wellbeing filter. I have cut out all the fluff so you will learn exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. In many ways, I have condensed the last 10 years of learning into 1 year. So you can learn everything I know and apply this to your own life to level up and love the process. 

Recent research is suggesting that in order to keep your brain healthy and prevent cognitive decline as you age, you must consistently stretch and strengthen your mind. 

So you can think of the MBG as your cognitive insurance. The learning will provide you with the psychological training you need to stay mentally fit and healthy. With the win-double that you will reach more goals, and keep stretching your mind to learn new things. Furthermore, stepping outside your comfort zone, wrestling with new beliefs, ideas, techniques and reflections will protect and strengthen your mind to help prevent decline.

To stay physically fit and strong, you need a regular routine. So you can think of the Arete: Mind&Body Gym as your regular workout for your mind.

You can become a monthly member and keep rolling just like a real gym or like 90% of your fellow AreteWay Adventurers opt for the yearly membership to unleash the full power of the Arete Mind&Body Gym.

Based on the principles of AreteWay, you will gain the opportunity to continue your development within an AMAZING private community of AreteWay Adventurers. 

The MBG adventure blends online videos, workbooks, reflections, coupled with LIVE guidance and coaching from myself (Andy) and your group guide via ZOOM.

Each month you will cover a new zone of learning from NLP to Philosophy and Positive Psychology specifically designed to keep up your momentum and grow your skills. 

In addition, you will take part in monthly LIVE thought leader workshops that are UNREAL! Also, you will gain ongoing LIVE access to our bodywork including Yoga, Pilates and Zumba. 

And there is so much more….

Mind & Body Gym