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Footballer on how to age strong, increase longevity and optimise your weight to feel good and look great!

If you want to age strong, protect against disease, reduce inflammation, increase longevity whilst also optimising your weight to look and feel great then you have to hear this message.

Christin Dailly, former Westham and Scotland Captain has a new passion in life – helping athletes and people just like you to live strong and healthy.

Since retiring from football almost 15 years ago Christian retrained in sports science, nutrition and exercise science while coaching world-class athletes to elite performance.

As part of his evolution from elite footballer to world-class health & fitness coach, Christian created the “Zone1 Health and Longevity Centre”, which is a blueprint for optimal health to protect against disease, increase longevity, optimise your weight so you look and feel great.

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On this note, I am helping Christian and the Zone1 team deliver a virtual and in-person half-day masterclass on the Zone1 Health & Longevity Formula at the end of August. DO NOT MISS THIS! It is world-class and something I believe everyone should know about.

Here’s a quick overview of what you will get on the masterclass

Understand how your heart works, how to protect it and how to make it stronger than ever.

Learn how to use the Z1-HR formula to train in the right heart rate zones, and why 80% of the Zone1 formula is based on Zone1 heart rate training.

Find out how to AVOID the heart rate black hole, by skillfully using your zone1 HR knowledge.

Discover the dangers of exercise following alcohol intake, and how the Z1-HR formula can protect you while building you to optimal health.

Reduce inflammation, optimise weight, and protect against disease with the Zone1 nutritional strategy.

Create natural energy in your body by burning fat, so you can LOVE LIFE more!

Master the techniques to protect your body & mind against decline.

Learn how your strength ratios between the upper body and lower body can predict ill health and equally be improved to promote health.

Overcome the barriers to health – self-management, by learning exactly how to create your own health and longevity plan.

Learn the skills to transform your health and perform at an elite level should you wish.

This masterclass is exclusive for listeners of this podcast and those who follow me.

Head to and select courses – zone1 to find out more and sign up.

Also, make sure to follow the Zone1 team on Instagram and Facebook Zone1Health.
What I love about Christian’s formula is that they treat everyone like an athlete, because all humans both respond in the same way to a set of health pre-conditions.

Once you know how to create these preconditions you optimise your health. It’s that simple.

These health pre-conditions create the same foundation an athlete requires to win gold, and the everyday hero needs to protect against disease, age strong and flourish mentally and physically.

I have been trying to bring Christians “Zone1 Health and Longevity Formula” into the mainstream for years as his approach is not just excellent, it is WORLD CLASS! So make sure to come and join us.

If you want to know how to take back control of your health and learn how to LIVE young and strong to look and feel years younger then this conversation is a great place to start.

Alright, let’s do this!


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