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You will often hear me say what matters most about nutrition is that you care about what you eat. If you care about what you fuel your body and mind with, you’re on the right track regardless of the style of food you choose. 

Whether that’s Mediterranean, paleo, vegetarian or vegan.

If you care, you’re halfway there.

However, there is now a mountain of scientific evidence to support the health benefits of a particular type of diet – the wholefood, plant based diet. 

Nutrition is an emotive subject and it feels like everyone has an opinion. But I implore you to listen to what Dr Alan has to say, it really might change your life.


Because Dr Alan is one of the leading voices in the world of plant-based nutrition. He walks the talk, and backs up EVERYTHING with hard science. Plus his day job as a gastroenterologist means he is at the forefront of gut health and sees upclose the consequences of certain types of diet.

No one is better qualified to have the conversation about nutrition than Dr Alan. 

Dr Alan is my go to guy in the world of nutrition and as you will discover we have become great friends, and I also feel grateful that our connection has played a small part in Alan’s rise to the forefront of plant-based nutrition. 

You will LOVE this conversation and all I ask is that you leave your mind and heart open as you listen to Dr Alan’s cracking story and the nutritional wisdom he shares.

Alright let’s do this


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