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PHD rockstar still rocking the after party alcohol-free!

There is almost an expectation for our rockstars and creatives to be hardcore partying, addicted messes, who find genius at the bottom of a glass. Drew Schapper followed the well-worn path to the verge of destruction. 

But something happened, which we will explore during our conversation, that changed the course of his life.

Drew has just written a beautiful book, ‘After Party: The Path to Sobriety’, which showcases the real brutal essence of rock star addiction, and how Drew fought back to sobriety and wants to inspire millions of others to do the same.

I have known Drew since the very start of his alcohol-free adventure, when he decided to take a OneYearNoBeer challenge. From his first post you could feel his pain and artistry shining through. His facebook posts into our group became legendary for their honesty and prose. 

Even though I have stepped down from OneYearNoBeer to start various new initiatives to help people reach their full potential, I feel so privileged that we started a movement that’s inspired people such as Drew, who in turn is now attempting to inspire millions!

During this conversation, we explore the full crazy tale of how Drew went from a Phd, to a rockstar, to a sobriety superhero. 

Drew is charming, articulate and has a powerful message to share. I feel privileged to be even a tiny part of his story and what a story it is.

So strap yourself in. This is a roller coaster ride. 

Alright let’s do this


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