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Becoming the UK’s Fastest Age Rated Marathon Runner

Aged 40 Emma Prideaux was a Mum of three, who had not run since she was 16. Her daughter Rosa, another fantastic athlete, was training with Christian Dailly who you met on the podcast before and if you have not listened to this conversation make sure to go back and revisit. It’s a cracker. 

After watching Rosa make great progress, Emma became interested in Christians Zone1 health and longevity method of low-intensity training. So aged 40 she started to train with Christian using the exact same methods as her daughter Rosa.

Fast Forward 8 years and Emma is on track to become the fastest EVER age-rated marathon runner in the UK. She has never been to a physio and keeps getting faster and faster!

It’s quite unbelievable.

Emma has a cracker of a story and is full of wisdom that might totally change the way you feel around age, exercise and health! 

Alright, let’s do this!

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