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Why growing your own vegetables is our greatest well-being tool

When I first read the ‘Blue Zones: 9 Lessons For Living Longer, by People Who Have Lived the Longest’’ by Dan Buettner, which explores the pockets of people who live the longest, healthy and thriving lives, I noticed a trend.

Many of these healthy outliers, who were fit as fiddles into their 90’s and beyond all grew their own vegetables.

This observation sat in my mind for years, until I met with Nick Littlehales, the world’s leading sleep coach.. Nick, who will also appear on the podcast, and I started to talk about the benefits of natural daylight on the body. This was followed by a workshop with our ongoing self-development community the MBG with the chairman of the UK’s forest bathing committee Gary Evans, who explained the almost unbelievable health benefits of time spent in nature.

Next, I reflected on my podcast chat with Dr Alan Desmond in the first episode, who explored the science and benefits behind plant-based nutrition.

Then, finally, the penny dropped.

Growing your own fruit and veg could be one of the best activities that we could all possibly partake in.

And that’s exactly what Jenny and I will explore in this episode.

Jenny’s Instagram, The_Organic_Allotment_Girl is one of my favourites. Jenny’s posts inspire me every day and she has such a great story that I can’t wait to share it with you all.

You will love this chat, and I am positive you might even be tempted to take part in the latest wellbeing craze and grow your own.


Let’s do this.

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