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Finding the courage to help transform the wellbeing of the NHS

Just a few months ago Jo Hall was working extremely hard as part of an NHS team when something happened that was to change the course of Jo’s life.

It started with a proactive break from alcohol, which led to a personal development journey and health transformation. As part of this adventure, Jo committed to training with me and is now a member of our fantastic self-development community the Mind&Body Gym and is currently training with us on the AreteWay Coach accreditation to become a coach.

Jo could see that while the amazing NHS staff and partners were giving their all to keep everyone else healthy, they were suffering themselves.

As you will discover during our chat, Jo found the courage to take a gamble and approach her manager with an idea that might help improve the well-being of the overworked NHS staff and partners.

Jo’s courage paid off and led to the creation of ‘Live Life Connected’ a new personal development programme that’s already reached over 45,000 NHS staff and partners with the aim of transforming their wellbeing and I am so proud to be a part of this brilliant initiative!!

Jo’s great story is a wonderful example of how collectively we can move the needle in a positive direction.

You will love this conversation as we follow Jo from her moment of struggle to the point at which she is now on the verge of rolling ‘The Live Life Connected’ out to many thousands more!

Alright, let’s do this!

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