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Finding your true-self in the wilderness

Jo Roberts is the Chief Executive of the Wilderness Foundation Charity.

Jo focuses on the effects of wilderness on developing sound youth leadership built on environmental awareness and ethics, and developing positive wellbeing and mental health in young people who are vulnerable or at risk.

The wilderness foundation also helps those who have suffered domestic abuse, or addiction reconnect with themselves through wilderness experiences.

And the Wilderness Foundation headquarters are just up the road in Essex, this is what I love about doing the podcast. I had no idea. And next week I will be joining Jo Hall, who has featured on the podcast and Jo Roberts for a walk and talk as we check out their 400 acre wilderness site near Chelmsford. 

I love the idea that wilderness experiences can heal and reconnect us to what’s important. This is a subject I am becoming more interested in, and my aim is to inspire you to get outside and leverage the power of nature.

Also do check out their website which is as they are always looking for volunteers and any donations will be greatly appreciated.

Alright kick back, let’s do this.

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