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Making Alcohol-Free Drinks Taste GREAT!

When I first started my alcohol-free (AF) adventure back in February 2014 AF drinks were hard to find and tasted average at best! Today, they taste better than the alcoholic ones!! 

This is because the alcohol-free revolution is here. The reason for the explosion of AF drinks is that we are demanding quality grownup beverages that don’t contain the part that acts like Kryptonite to our dreams!

My guest this week, Johnny Johnson is a brilliant example of how going alcohol-free can unleash your creative & business superpowers. 

After taking a break from the booze, Johnny was frustrated at the lack of quality beers available. But rather than talk a BIG game and then do nothing, armed with the consistency and clarity that comes from alcohol-free Johnny actually did something about it.

With ZERO experience in making beer, Johnny sourced an expert alcohol-free beer maker and created his own brand called UNTLD.BEER. And I LOVE IT!!

Not only do the bottles look cool, but they also taste great. 

During this episode, we explore the brilliant story of how Johnny now finds deep meaning in providing alcohol-free beers and IPA’s to fuel the AF revolution.

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