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how to socialise without alcohol and LOVE IT!

Matt Pink aka Better_Life_Guy is making waves in the alcohol-free space. His social media is inspiring tons of alcohol-free adventures and the sober curious to have fun, be social and love their AF adventure. 

What I love about Matt’s story is that he trained with me in the early stages of his AF journey and is now out there inspiring many others to do the same. On a personal note – this is my major focus – trying to inspire more people to get out there and inspire others!

To take his development to the next level, Matt will also train with me again to become an accredited coach to add a world-class qualification and even more credibility to what he is doing in the alcohol-free space.

I am super proud of what he has achieved and will always be a massive supporter.

On September the 18th, Matt is hosting, in his words, ‘The first-ever no-booze cruise up the Thames in London.” Since the time of recording this event has sold out many times over.

I will be joining Matt on the 18th throwing some shapes, well maybe not, and having a great time without any booze in sight!

You will love this chat about sober socialising with Matt and why we believe when you stop drinking your social life gets even better!

Alright, let’s do this!

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