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World’s first sleep coach, busting the 8-hour sleep myth!

Nick Littlehales went from a slumberland sales executive to the world’s first-ever sleep coach with Manchester United. Alex Fergeson had heard of his groundbreaking ideas about sleep and performance and brought him in seeking the marginal gains that make all the difference. Which they did and Nick was present for the class of 1992 treble-winning side! 

Following the success his sleep coaching skills had achieved in professional football, Nick was asked to become the sleep coach for the Team GB cycling team, which produced one of the greatest ever cycling performances in the 2012 Olympics. 

But it gets better, Nick was then instrumental in the marginal gains philosophy that Sir David Brailsford brought to Team Sky in a bid to be the first-ever British team to win the Tour De France, which they did.

And if there was a symbol of this philosophy it was seeing the rider’s mattresses being ferried from hotel to hotel to optimize their sleep. This was Nick’s idea!

Nick has a brilliant story and tons of wisdom to share, you are going to love this one!

Alright let’s do this,


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