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How lifestyle medicine might save you

This is the last episode of the series.  My aim for the first series was to warm up the podcast, and discover how our guests found their meaning and purpose in what they now do. Having already launched almost 30 episodes, with tens of thousands of listens it is time to get back to my roots!

For the second series we are going to talk about all things alcohol-free. I plan to share some of the most inspirational stories from my alcohol-free heroes, and introduce you to the world’s leading alcohol-free experts and authors to enlighten us with their wisdom. 

And I can’t wait!

So I wanted to close this series with one of my favorite conversations. Nliesh Satguru is a friend, and someone I admire greatly for his work as a lifestyle medicine practitioner and coach. I have helped train some of his medical students on the wonders of alcohol-free and equally Nilesh keeps me updated on the best science that prompts health and wellbeing.

A Lifestyle medicine practitioner is a GP that has added the speclism to deliver medicine through lifestyle changes. So rather than prescribing pills, Nilesh might prescribe exercise, or a plant-based diet.  

I love the lifestyle medicine concept and I am sure you will love this final conversation of the series.

Alright let’s do this.

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