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How kindness can transform your life!

Here is a great tip from Shahroo Izadi, author of the brilliant, ‘ The Kindness Method’ and ‘The Last Diet’, who is the first guest on my new podcast, ‘The Andy Ramage Podcast’.

During a workshop with our self-development community, the Mind&Body Gym, Shahroo shared a great technique to overcome the harsh criticism in your head.

You know the voice you hear in your mind, that blames, criticises conjures intrusive thoughts or even calls you names, and repeatedly tells you off.

The technique is as follows.

When you face an obstacle in life and your inner dialogue is running riot… STOP.

Grab a pen and picture a loved one facing the same problem. Then write down all the advice and support you would offer them.

Then read this advice.

You will find it full of compassion, kindness, and love. The very opposite of what you were saying to yourself only moments ago.

Embrace this wise advice. As this is the only advice worth listening to!

Then Shahroo went on to say something profound.

Even if you run this exercise and instead of thinking of a loved one you picture a virtual stranger, you end up offering the same compassionate advice.

Think how powerful this is?

We show the same love and support for a virtual stranger. Yet in our own minds, we consistently berate ourselves and too often show no love or support for trying to overcome the same obstacle!

So let’s make a stand, treat yourself as you would treat others with kindness and compassion.

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